Our qualified and experienced scientists of different fields of expertise and our excellent relations with clinical units, hospitals and health care professionals in a wide variety of therapeutic areas offer efficiency, integrity, quality assurance, safety, speed and cost effectiveness in all the services we provide.

In collaboration with a High Quality Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamics Laboratory and a fully equipped Clinical Unit we can achieve excellence in Bioequivalence studies in healthy volunteers following the unique requirements of generics development companies.
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When you work with us, we will devote our attention to every aspect of your project while being fully aligned to the strict framework of Good Clinical Practice (ICHGCP) directives and regulations governing the conduct of clinical research

o Design & Planning
o Site Evaluation & Selection
o Submission Preparation
o Monitoring – Site Management & Support
o Data Capture & Control
o Pharmacovigilance
o Quality Control
o Feasibility Studies
o Medical Writing
o Publications