Patient Support Programs

Inadequate patient training and limited knowledge on their disease, can lead to therapeutic non-compliance, a factor that negatively affects the prognosis and progression of the disease, thus increasing the chances of frequent hospitalization and disease exacerbation.

Patient Support Programs aim to provide patients with all necessary information and knowledge about their disease, acquiring thereby the ability to integrate into everyday life the correct ways to manage this and most important to comply with the pharmaceutical treatment.

Patient Support Programs conducted by the European Institute of Medical Research, have a well-organized patient centered network of services with significant benefits such as:

  • continuous disease and treatment monitoring,
  • reduction of treatment non-compliance,
  • increase of treatment integration in patient’s everyday life,
  • discreet services of the environment of the patient,
  • patient direct communication with support services through our call center,
  • adverse events reporting through the pharmacovigilance services
  • optimal tracking of each individual patient by treating physicians

The aforementioned EMRI services are supported by a customized data collection and processing system, designed under the criteria of high technology, reliability and flexibility, with a nationwide network of nurses, psychologists and an expanded call center able to respond with immediacy to all patients-participants of support programs all around Greece.